May 16, 2013

Weight Loss: Personal Trainer

I feel incredibly lucky that Julia from Kiwi Pole Fitness and Kaos has agreed to be my personal trainer. Julia is an amazing pole dancing teacher and performer as well as a qualified personal trainer. I'm going through some major upheavals in my personal life and the great thing about Julia is that she gets it, she's been there. Working with her feels like she is more my life coach than just my personal trainer.

We've been working together a month or so and starting things off slowly. We haven't done any of the stuff that I think of doing with a personal trainer - no exercising, no yelling. It helps that Julia knows me quite well so probably knows how best to handle me. I've been tracking my mood, food and exercise. This helps me to identify my own behaviours and take responsibility for them.

Following on from the diary was little things I had been neglecting about myself; looking after myself, making space my own. And then finding some exercise that I could enjoy, be passionate about. I've started ballet classes with a scary Russian woman who yells at me (I found the yelling!). It's not exactly difficult but the positions feel a little like contortion. I enjoy how beautiful it feels; each movement starts with my arm fluttering from my side. But it's also hard, my feet and legs hurt every time  My teacher wants me to go twice a week but basically I don't want to, she was insistent so I'm not sure how long I will continue with ballet. But, I did find the class and have actually attended, so that's something. I hope in the future to motivate myself to go back to pole dancing  too (there goes my last New Years resolution).

The best thing about working with Julia is that she understands what I'm working on isn't just about losing weight; it's about finding me, whoever that turns out to be (more about that in my next post).

Other updates:
- I've met with a new dietitian and discovered that I haven't gained any weight (93.1kg) since my first appointment about 6 months ago
- After meeting with a specialist my medication has been reduced so hopefully I will start to see some weight loss soon (if you don't remember, my medication makes me put on weight and won't let my body release it either)

Coming up:
- I'll tell you about my time with Sally-Ann Moffat doing wardrobe therapy
- (and later) you'll get to read about the course of weight loss treatments I'm undergoing

Special thanks to: Kiwi Pole Fitness

If you are interested in personal training from Julia you can contact her through either of her studios

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