May 30, 2013

Weight loss: Wardrobe Therapy

To look at, Sally-ann Moffat is intimidating. She is beautiful and very well dressed in a funky style that is all her own. But that's what she teaches - to find your own style. Once she starts talking you realise how committed she is to helping you reach your personal best. That's high praise but it's true.

In my last post I mentioned how this journey isn't just about weight loss, it's about finding a new me. It's pointless to only work on one part of yourself as all the other parts will keep cropping up. I thought I was just looking for someone to help me sort through the clothes I had and take me shopping for more. What I found was something completely different that I didn't even realise was exactly what I needed.

When I first met Sally-ann she challenged me and I wanted to run away. But it was a good thing. Once I got past my internal set backs we got on great. Years ago I met with a stylist who threw out half my wardrobe and told me sternly what I could and couldn't wear. Sally-ann did none of that. She resurrected items I hadn't worn for years, encouraging me to see them in a new light. On top of that we talked about what my clothes said about me as well as what I would like them to say.

After the wardrobe therapy came retail therapy. It was an eye opener. Usually, shopping makes me frustrated and upset but I really enjoyed the time with Sally-ann and I have enjoyed shopping since. Like with my wardrobe she encouraged me to see shops, the clothing they held, and myself in them differently.

I've never been thin so I never felt that fashion was for me. There are parts of my body that I like but clothing has been more about covering up than revealing who I am. Working with Sally-ann helped me to realise that fashion is not just the pervue of models. I found that I could enjoy shopping, enjoy dressing up, even enjoy the way I look.

I've had so many compliments on the way I'm dressing even several saying I've lost weight which I don't think are due to the scales.

You can find out more about Sally-ann and her work on her website, Facebook or Twitter. Look out for her companion piece soon!

Special thanks to: Kiwi Pole Fitness

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