July 14, 2013

Richter City Roller Derby All Stars vs Victorian Roller Derby Queen Bees

As of Saturday RCRD have completed their two bouts to become full WFTDA (Womens Flat Track Roller Derby Association) members. The first was against Aucklanders Pirate City Rollers in March and Saturday’s was against Melbourne’s Victorian Roller Derby Queen Bees. The two matches could not have been more different; VRDQB were victorious without completely beating RCRD.

Meat Train was the crowd favourite judging by the screams every time her name was mentioned. She played a great game and wore the most amazing anatomically correct muscle tights. Skanda Lass and Princess Slayer were the most frequent jammers, unfortunately that sometimes meant frequent visits to the penalty box too. I don’t know why Anna Pave-U’Ova isn’t in the team as she is stronger than some of the other players.

VRDQBs almost exclusively featured IVYKNIVEY and Tam-ba-lam SLAM as jammers. They were excellent jammers but seemed to tire easily, especially trying to get through the pack. There were a series of high scoring jams throughout the bout, including several power jams which kept Melbourne on top from early into the match. Richter City had the opportunity to learn a lot of strategy during this match, I hope they were paying attention.

I was impressed that Richter City continued to fight even when it was obvious they weren’t going to win. They put on an excellent game for the fans. The very last jam started with a timeout from RCRD to ensure the clock didn’t run out. The final score was VRDQB 255 to 182 RCRD.

The next RCRD game will be on Saturday 31 August – Brutal Pageant vs. Comic Slams

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