July 4, 2013

The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap was a bold choice for Hutt Repertory after the international show visited Wellington last year. It's an unfair comparison, of course the professional show was more polished but the Hutt Repetory's offering is very watchable and at a third the price. It has proved so popular that several of the performances are already close to full, get in quick if you want to see it!

Hutt Repertory regulars were in evidence; Graham Dack (Bloody Murder) was slightly too old for the part of Detective Trotter, Cherie McKay as Miss Casewell (Bloody Murder) and, Steve Falloon (An Ideal Husband) spoke in a very carrying voice while bouncing on his toes in his customary way as Major Metcalf. Mrs Boyle was played excellently by ex-Sacred Heart drama teacher Jean Maher. The accents employed were initially irritating. It is a shame that Chris Ingram (Christopher Wren), who looked nothing more than homeless, didn't attempt one. His portrayal of Chris was of a nervous person rather than the hyperactive / ADHD interpretation of the international show, I think it was a much better take on the character. He also had the ability to maintain his character, fidgeting in the corner, while he wasn't part of the scene something the other actors lacked. My final compliment to him is that he had such chemistry with Lian Potter (Molly Rolston) that it overshone the relationship between the married couple and made me want them to flirt.

It was a very traditional performance, there was no attempt to put their mark on the production by doing something different. Perhaps this is because Agatha Christie, and the play itself, are so well known that they are almost revered and treated as something not to be meddled with by lesser minds.

Quite a complicated set is called for; six exits including a window, an old English home with fire and radio, and space for eight characters to share the stage, the crew did an admirable job. The 'snow' outside the window had come unattached and flapped distractingly - unfortunately the cast forgot to be cold each time the window was open. The set layout is so specific that it was almost identical to the international show on a much smaller scale.

The Mousetrap is a theatric stalwart so if you love theatre and you haven't seen it yet get along to Theatre 108 by Epuni station, you won't be disappointed.

Tickets: $20
Performances: 3-13 July 8pm; 6, 7, 13 3pm

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  1. Like the reveiwer, I also saw the show in Wellington when it was here recently. A great effort for such a small theatre group which continues to deliver first class productions!