August 28, 2013

Weight loss: Cavitaton

Often advertised as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction (which I discovered in my research isn't really meant for weight loss but for body shape) Cavitation is a costly but perhaps effective treatment which can be provided by a beauty therapist. It is also known as cavi-lipo.

The treatment occurs in two parts, each using a laser. The chosen area of your body is coated in gel, incidentally the same gel used for ultrasound. At a very basic level the first laser is meant to shake up your fat cells and the second laser heats them so they “melt.” The melted fat is then processed by your body. The first laser creates an uncomfortable screeching in your head which disappears as soon as it is no longer touching your skin.

I read up on Cavitation after I had completed my series of treatments. I discovered that it is recommended to drink water beforehand and exercise for half an hour afterwards. These practices have led critics to claim that any loss of weight or size are due to these factors. I'm glad that I didn't know about these recommendations so my results stand out as purely a result of the treatment. The number of recommended treatments in a series varies (3-12) as does the time between treatments. It is generally agreed that 72 hours is required for your body to process the fat but therapists interpret that differently; some say it should be every three days, some only once a week. I had five treatments at intervals of three days. Contraindications also vary; it’s fine for the neck and breast or it isn’t.

Although it is not advertised as a weight loss procedure I found that it worked as such for me. It wasn't immediately apparent but I did eventually lose 3kgs. However, my weight loss may be due to continuing health eating on my part and reduction of weight retaining medication.

So, did it really work? What do you think?

Coming up:
- I finally did The Journey retreat
- (and later) More weight loss treatments

Cost: varies
Weight loss: 3kgs

Special thanks to: Kiwi Pole Fitness

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