September 1, 2013

RCRD Game 3 2013: Brutal Pageant vs Comic Slams

The game on Saturday decided who would meet Smash Malice in the final game of the season; Brutal Pageant or Comic Slams. Seven Sharp were there to film, we don’t know when it will hit the screens - let us know if you do.

Comic Slams took an early lead with a series of power jams. Brutal Pageant frequented the penalty box throughout the game. As the official RCRD twitter said “Slams excellent control of the pack (is) forcing cutting penalties. (The) Pageant (penalty) box (is) full.”

Comic Slams featured Ella Kazam and J’Knee Dodgem, previously heavily used jammers, as blockers. They did an impressive job, mastering the art of locking their shoulder with an opposition player. This is a new technique being showcased this season. Jammer Anna Pave-U’Ova unfortunately didn’t shine as much as she did in the game against Melbourne. Brutal Pageant surprisingly chose Meat Train to jam several times, possibly hoping to put her great blocking skills to work on getting through the pack.  Pageant heavily featured Princess Slayer as jammer, but thankfully gave her some pack time this bout as she has the skills there too.

The half time show was excruciating; then became hazardous when ZM representatives hurled chocolate and mens moisturiser into the crowd. Safety standards dictated that those sitting on the balconies had to miss out. But, most exciting (!) was the announcement that there will be a workshop for kids ages 8-15 to learn the basics of low contact derby. You can contact The Skate Collective for more information.

Our picks for Most Valuable Player are J’Knee Dodgem for Comic Slams and Beatrix Skiddo for Brutal Pageant. Richter City awarded MVP to Bubble O' Kill for Brutal Pageant and Ma Whero Mischief for Comic Slams.

This was the second time I’ve seen the scoreboard unable to handle the scores ie. a team scored over 200. The official final score was 215-114 to Comic Slams who will be facing off against Smash Malice in the season final 2 November.

But before that is the second national tournament, Derby Royale, in Palmerston North over Labour Weekend. If you haven’t made plans for the long weekend yet, 16 teams are set to attend to battle it out. Check their Facebook for details.

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