September 30, 2013

The WOW Factor

The World of Wearable Arts has exploded all over Wellington but for those of you who can’t afford the $100 tickets you can check out some of the past winners (and placers) at Te Papa. To celebrate 25 years of WOW 25 items from past shows are currently on display at our national museum.

If you’ve been to a fashion exhibition at Te Papa before you’ll know how to find the Eyelights Gallery; if you haven’t, you’ll need to check for directions as it is tucked back behind the Slice of Heaven exhibition (which is also worth checking out). It’s a shame that there wasn't a grander gallery to hold the exhibition, it warrants more space for people to get a closer look and see all sides of the garments. At the entrance of the gallery is a piece that illustrates how detailed the works can be, there is something new at each angle which is missed when seen from the stage or a single sided glass enclosure.

There are videos playing with images from the shows which include pieces on display. Props and several performer costumes are shown alongside winning entries. The range of dates covers the whole life of the show including the very first winner, Wild Walker, which is more sedate than some of the later pieces.
Unlike the stage show this isn't flashy or terribly exciting, Te Papa could have made a much bigger song and dance about it. However, this is an unparalleled opportunity to get a good look at these amazing creations up close and personal.

Showing at Te Papa till 6 October.
Cost: free

Te Papa are talking about it on their blog
Also check out the Wow Window Dressing Competition in store windows around town. Go here to see which stores are involved. Te Papa are showing creations from local college students at their stores (not just at the museum, there’s one in Brandon Street too!).

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