September 30, 2013

The Pole Room - September

Another fabulously entertaining night of stunning pole performers took place at the new Fringe Bar located on Allen St, Courtney Place. As a veteran of these shows I can categorically state that they just keep getting better!

The Pole Room is a regular feature at the Fringe Bar; showcasing local Pole Dancers as well as Polers from around NZ and overseas. We were treated to performances by Ryoko Ibaraki and Michelle Kasey from Auckland as well as Douglas Jarrett from Pamerston North.

The shows’ theme was Dreamlands: Visions, Fairytales and Nightmares and this was expressed in a variety of captivating and skilfully executed performances.

The performances ranged from traditional fairy tales such as Snow White and Peter Pan through to modern horror characters such as The Corpse Bride and The White Witch. There was obviously a lot of time and attention paid to costume, choreography and music which made each routine very individual and held the audience’s attention throughout the show. It is exciting to see performers becoming more theatrical and creating a story with their routines, taking pole dancing to the next level.

MC Clever Hansel kept the show rolling along nicely, responding well to some light-hearted heckling and performing his own unique version of ‘Boylesque’. Liz Kirkman made for a convincing yet melodious ‘undead’ singer and Ernestine delighted with her belly dancing. Every pole performance was so individual and well crafted it is impossible to mention one above another. I can only hope we will see more appearances from them all in future Pole Rooms.

The new Fringe Bar provides a larger and slightly higher stage enabling the majority of the audience to get a better view. Room is still at a premium and you need to get there early in order to secure a good seat.

To all the performers; Ryoko Ibaraki, Kapi Huria, Michelle Kasey, Freya Devine, Jennifer Starrdust, Mei Chan, Rachael Palmer, Emma Humphrey, Katie Roberts, Douglas Jarrett, Lexi, Emzy Zajkowski, Ernestine, Liz Kirkman and Clever Hansel thank you for a wonderfully entertaining evening; your talent and skill never cease to amaze and inspire. To the creator and organiser of The Pole Room, Maree Prebensen, much gratitude to you for giving these talented people the opportunity to showcase their skills and provide us with consistently captivating evening’s entertainment!

Cost: $25
Date: 27 September 2013

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