October 2, 2013

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

It was really good. I was really excited because the girl that did ballet at my birthday party she was going to be the Vixen. She could've been the vixen but she might not have been the Vixen because she only does it every second time. And she did beautiful dancing.

Snow White was really pretty and the dwarf Ticklish was really funny. The cat was quite small and quiet and she was meowing most of the time. And I liked the Queen she was very beautiful as well as Snow White but Snow White was prettier and I liked the Queen because she kept changing herself. She was a young lady, then a old woman then she couldn't get back so she shut herself in a dark castle which she was going to do to the huntsmen but she did it to herself. Snow White was very nice and I'm glad she came back to life because there would've been no prettiest person because the Queen she stayed old lady ugly.

 - Jessica (age 7)

Performances: 30 September-5 October, 11am and 2pm
Tickets: $10

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