April 6, 2014

The End of the Summer Movies

This weekend marks the end of summer, despite the fact that we are already well into autumn, we don't really tend to think of summer ending until Day Light Saving finishes. As we gain an hour of sleep we lose other things like summer movies.

Across Wellington this summer there have been three players on the outdoor movie scene:
1. Wellington Free Outdoor Cinema at the Lagoon outside St John's bar
2. Films by Starlight, and
3. Firefly Cinemas an old fashioned drivein in Upper Hutt.

I enjoyed watching classic movies at the lagoon like Dirty Dancing, Grease and The Princess Bride. It's a convenient location and St John's even provides beanbags. There is an option to book tables and (even if you're sitting on the grass) order food.

Films by Starlight was part of Wellington Summer City and offered an eclectic selection of movies for free across Wellington alongside night markets.

I never made it out to Firefly but I'm impressed they managed to keep going as the only charging outdoor cinema. They also offer fundraising and advertising. You can squeeze in another couple of movies there. For Wellington Fashion Week they are offering the chance for viewers to chose the movie and view for free, this Tuesday (8 April), details are few but what there are you can find here. Firefly Cinemas last movie is Back To The Future (I and II) next Sunday (13 April) at 6.30pm. As an extra treat you can park next to a DeLorean. For all the details go here.

It looks like all three ventures will be back next summer. What movies did you enjoy watching outdoors this summer and what are your requests for next?

And if you're looking for things to keep you busy now that summer has gone there's ice skating and the Whittakers Big Egg Hunt (judging by the number of eggs that have moved I think some Wellingtonians have already discovered that).

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