April 30, 2014

Sara Pascoe Vs The Truth

Sara Pascoe is described as a 'rising star in the UK' and you can see why. She's comfortable on stage and slightly self deprecating (just to put the audience at ease). Her comedy runs from topic to topic with little segways which she throws in with an almost off-hand "I'll get back to that." It feels so natural, like listening to an overly excited and talkative friend.

In amongst the comedy Sara takes the audience through a brief outline of some pretty major philosophical theories, not that you'd know it. My handful of philosophy papers qualify me to recognise them. The major one you can see in the title - what is the truth? This is intelligent comedy that doesn't rely on swearing for laughs.

You'll want to discuss it after but there's no chance to linger as patrons for the next show will already be lined up outside. We were hurried out by festival staff to make way. But you can make your way down to Foxglove to sample their rather fancy bar menu.

Shows: 29 April - 3 May, 7pm (followed by a season in Auckland)
Venue: Foxglove Ballroom
Tickets: $26

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