May 4, 2014

Wellington Better Home and Living Show

Westpac Stadium was host again this weekend to the Wellington Better Home and Living Show. You're likely to have known about it from the flyers littering inboxes and supermarkets across the city offering 2-for-1 entry.

As "the only home show in Wellington this autumn & winter" it was appropriate that there were over five exhibitors for double glazing as well several heat pumps and air conditioning / circulation stalls. A wasteful exhibit for hot water had a tap running the entire time but other stalls included information on solar powering your home and other ways to make your home eco friendly.

The show wasn't as good as I remember it being in past years. There was a collection of things unrelated to homes - jewelry, jewelry cleaners, weight loss and bee tablets. Entertaining additions were SPCA, a stall with bees and adopt a greyhound (much loved by the children). Vibration training units were a strange thing to have turned up this year but seemed to fit alongside chiropractic advice and massage chairs/cushions.

Coming up in September (26-28) is the Home and Garden Show.

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