May 7, 2014

It Was Supposed To Be a Joke

I saw a lot more than I intended of Alexander Sparrow tonight. Suffice it to say my sister is getting married soon and I might give him a call for her hen's night. Apart from having a (possibly lucrative) side career, in addition to being a good comedian, he can act and the boy can move.

Thankfully he's another comedian who doesn't rely on swearing for laughs. He even gauged the audience's response to his offensiveness. Losing his place didn't seem to phase him, indeed he engaged more with the audience who seemed to find him charming. He is certainly more polished than he was when he started out a year ago.

He wore a very sharp suit matched with cufflinks and vintage style wingtips (those are shoes, he seriously wasn't wearing wings). His lovely hair style, keeping with his old fashioned attire, was a little disheveled by the end of the evening.

Like another review noted the shows are packed in for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival so there is no chance to linger as another comedian goes on in half an hour. That was a shame as I would have liked to compliment Alexander on his, ahem, dance moves.

Shows: 6-10 May, 7pm
Venue: Kitty O'Shea's Irish Bar
Tickets: $12-15 

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