November 2, 2016

The President

In this perfectly timed show Alexander Sparrow investigates what would happen if Trump became the American President. The media is rich with fodder and Trump makes a great character study.  I didn't realise he sounded so much like a vapid rich girl (including the hand gestures) until I saw Alexander's accurate portrayal.

The set is minimal, there were clothes laid out and it being an Alexander Sparrow production I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd wandered out naked. (Feel free to shudder at the thought of a naked Trump.) Alexander has again sacrificed his body for his art by growing and bleaching his hair to match the wig-like monstrosity which perches on Trump's head. He's also managed to give himself a paunch and if it'd been possible I'm sure he'd have grown jowls.

The show would've been funnier if the real Trump weren't such a caricature already and the ridiculous scenarios weren't actually things Trump had already said or indicated. What's most interesting is that this could viewed as a horror. Here's how bad it could actually get world, you've been warned!

Performances: 1-5 November, 8:30
Tickets: $20

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