November 30, 2016

Making Friends Collective: Stand Up Love and Wine Lips

Two plays based around relationships, about breakups.

The first, Stand Up Love, made me cry several times but perhaps I was over identifying with the characters as my companion thought the acting was wooden and that the actors hadn't really committed themselves to their roles. Despite it referencing stand up routines this isn't a funny play; I found it gut wrenching and honest.

The line that most stood out to me was "Why couldn’t it have worked? I loved you so much."

This sentiment was echoed throughout the second play, Wine Lips, which depicts two exes catching up backstage. Having had experience in theatre we got all the jokes (though perhaps we didn't enjoy them as much as one gentleman in the audience). There was local flavour with references to Circa and Robyn Malcolm. The acting was so on-key that it genuinely felt like we were watching two people hanging out, so much so that it was a little voyeuristic. I cannot express how good this was; as well as being emotional it was very, very funny.

Both plays bought up memories of old love, real love, the love of my life. "Why couldn’t it have worked? I loved you so much." On the walk to my car I heard Katy Perry's The One That Got Away. It seemed fitting. I cried the whole way home.

Performances: 30 November – 10 December (no show Sun / Mon), 7pm/8:45pm
Tickets: $20 or $30 for both

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