December 1, 2016

Scarlet & Gold

Scarlet and Gold is New Zealand's own Les Miserables. A smaller revolution, one for better working conditions that is met with equal violence and injustice. Mobs storm across the stage as often as families and friends, comrades, dance around it.

This is a piece of New Zealand history we would rather forget. A time when money was put ahead of principles, of safety. Women are particularly strong in this revolution and the men fall back on threats of rape and calling them "sluts" for speaking their minds. These women thought they were changing the world, making it a better place for future generations. I am so glad they cannot witness what is going on in America today, where a person who treats women as objects has been promoted to a position of power. Where violent acts of homophobia and xenophobia are rising.

There was a well deserved standing ovation for the actors that threw themselves into the play so much that you could see they were emotionally moved. This is a hugely upsetting play because it so clearly depicts the horrific events in Waihi in the early 1900's and highlights how little progress we've really made.

Performances: 25 November 22 December Tues-Sat 7.30pm, Sun 4.30pm
Tickets: $46

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