July 8, 2018

Songs for Nobodies

If you've seen her other shows you know she's a great singer, Songs for Nobodies will reveal that Ali Harper is also an excellent character actress. She's graduated to the main theatre, Circa One, a move that's well deserved.

All the characters, both the singers and the nobodies they sing to, seem to lead tragic lives. It's an interesting concept, no one notices the usher, than nanny, or the bathroom attendant, no one knows their stories. The show asks, who would I be if I were someone else?

Whether it was because it has set heavily in the 1940's, with World War Two as a backdrop, or if it was just because it was someone else's script, this lacked the lightness, the joy, that usually emanates from Ali's shows. You'll still get goosebumps, you'll still cry, but you'll feel heavier.

Performances: 7 July-4 August; Tues-Thurs 6.30pm, Fri-Sat 8pm, Sun 4pm
Tickets: $52

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