July 11, 2018

The Don

The subject matter of The Don is troubling in the time of #metoo. Not only does the guy rape women but somehow he makes them love him! (Can you tell the original was written by a guy?) That is really the only problem with this production. With all the other modern touches it would have been nice to have the performer mention the ludicrousness of the rape-turning-to-love and maybe assure the audience that the "bad guy" will get his comeuppance.

That aside this one man show is hilarious. Try to count how many different song lyrics he slides into the dialogue, marvel at how he dashes about the stage (and into the audience) distinguishable as five separate characters. At times it feels like a pantomime and there are certainly elements of that - singing, talking to the audience, oohs and aahs, but sadly we don't get to sing along at any point. It's also as ridiculous as a panto, the content was there in the original but it takes a modern hand to point it out so obviously.

Performances: 7-14 July, 6:30pm
Tickets: $27.50

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