December 4, 2018

Santa Claus

Santa Claus isn't just for children. This show is not recommended for children, but it is recommended for everyone else.

Four "French" performers invite you into their Christmas. Expect family fights, board games, presents, singing and a man in heels. No member of the audience is safe from participation. Though scripted, parts of the performance are improvised to include audience members; it's done so well that even the improv seems scripted. I had to tip my hat at their ability to remember audience members names. It really did feel like everyone was acknowledged and involved - anxiety inducing for some of us.

Favourite parts were the music, which had me dancing in my seat and the cute guy with the eyeliner and heels (call me).

The first performance each evening is early enough to head to straight from work, or after work drinks - what a great impromptu work Christmas outing!

Performances: 4 -15 December, 6pm & 8:45pm
Tickets: $25

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