January 20, 2019

Rants in the Dark

Emily Writes first came to my attention when she wrote a beautiful piece about abs. Next I heard, trolls had bullied her off the internet for the crime of being a woman who expressed an opinion. Then, magically she was back with a book, Rants in the Dark, which this play is based on.

Her return is triumphant, as is her story. Despite all odds she had kids, despite illness they're ok, despite sleepless nights she's still functioning. Her writing is so honest it's comedic. Motherhood, parenthood is hard. It's being in the trenches. But it's also delightful. It's your heart growing from love for your children, for your partner. It's realising that life is hard but you're harder. She speaks her truth and she speaks to many people.

How on earth does this translate to the stage? Renee Lyons is the face of Emily while Bronwyn Turei and Ameila Reid-Meredith play every other character from voices on the internet to Emily's child and husband. Scenes and characters jump and flow to create the story in vignettes. Featuring actual text from the book including Emily's words, those of her supporters and detractors. It's like a dance, as the actors twist around each other, twirl apart then come together again as entirely new characters.

If you're a parent, if you know a parent, you will find something to relate to. This is real life on the stage.

Performances: 19 January – 16 February, Tues-Wed 6.30pm, Thurs-Sat 8pm, Sun 4pm
Tickets: $52

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