February 17, 2023

Nailed It - A builder play

 Nailed it! is not the delightfully screaming Nicole Byer of your badly baked dreams. It was promoted as "supporting women in the trades" but instead comes across as a warning to stay far away. This second offering from the appropriately named Awkward Company feels like students doing it for credit.

A building crew loses a member who is replaced with a *gasp* female apprentice while they are undergoing a Health and Safety review (due to the death being on site). A huge opportunity is missed, a female crew with perhaps a token male or a female crew acting like blokes would have been much funnier than this misogynistic childish bunch. They all needed to be called on their shit rather than the solitary female caving to be accepted.

The set was fine, as were the costumes, obviously someone has an "in" at BCITO. The safety gear fashion show was the one highlight. The actor playing bumbling Brick was believable and had such beautiful cheek bones he should really try drag. The others overacted, (yelling is not acting) with the exception of Donald who could have camped things up more. The script was made worse with bad timing. Perhaps they were attempting slapstick but none of the necessary elements were there for it to work.

Even builders wouldn't find this funny, they'd be embarrassed to learn this juvenile humour is how they are viewed. It was disappointing this show didn't deliver on its premise, on the other hand, at least it's mercifully short.

Tickets: $20

Performances: 17-19 Feb

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