February 21, 2023

Sexy Golf Boy

Sexy Golf Boy is Fringe at its best; weird and wonderful. Saying too much may spoil the experience though each performance is partly improvised, the performer is highly attuned to the audience. If you take your eyes off them for a moment, you may miss out - they're suddenly doing something completely different.

The venue (a bar above Sweet Axe Throwing) is gorgeous and well worth a look, several fainting couches (chaise lounge) are calling for someone to drape themselves across them. The performance area is intimate, there is no way to escape being seen though you can decline the audience participation (don't though, I am terrified by it ordinarily but here everyone is in the same boat).

The show is unexpected, awkward (more for the audience) yet somehow also charming. It's best to go in having no idea what to expect. There was meant to be a message buried in there but it flew over my head, I had a good time regardless. This is something you won't see every day. 

Sometimes Fringe knocks it out of the park, this is one of those times.

Tickets: $20

Performances: 7pm 21-25 Feb

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