March 1, 2024

The Unluckiest Magician

My first thought when Steve Wilbury walked on stage was "he looks like a magician - he should be wearing a top hat." Sadly, the top hat never appeared, which is a huge shame as it would suit him.

It felt like the show couldn't decide what it wanted to be. Was it stand up comedy? Was it a magic show? Was it personal story telling? All the parts were good individually, but somehow didn't meld together well. Perhaps if they had been tied back to the title it may have worked but each part seemed to stretch too long. Unfortunately when you aren't invested in the magic tricks you're able to peek behind the curtain, ruining the least some of the time, there were other times when he truly amazed the audience.

The level of personal disclosure is high and may be too intense for some. It would have been amusing if this were treated like a lesson, with a pointer indicating each injured part of the body.

Be warned there is audience participation, always a risk with comedy and doubly so with a magician, a couple of people were even pulled on stage. Throughout there was a comfortable banter with the crowd and a real stage presence from the magician, who is honestly pretty lucky to have lived through what he has.

Tickets: $20

Performances: 6pm, 1-3 March

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