February 26, 2024

Some Regrets

I'm not entirely sure what Sam Gibson Regrets after seeing his show but I don't regret seeing it. Admittedly the Cavern Club is a little snug and the sound is a little overpowering, but it was worth it.

Technical difficulties lead to a bit of a slow start which may be why Sam seemed a little unsure of himself initially. He gained traction and was really into the swing of things, pulling from headlines and Facebook comments sections as well as personal experience to keep the audience amused. 

Highlights included: comparing queer culture across the country, comparing the National Party to Christchurch, comparing the royal family to drag race (perhaps the only true royalty?), counting red flags 

It was, unfortunately, obvious from several comments he made that this show was written a while ago. Feeling the need to mention that made him seem unconfident in his material which had no need to be - a couple of years doesn't make an occurrence irrelevant.

Sam saves the very best routine till last, gasps of horror followed by cackles of delight... You'll know what I mean when you see it.

Tickets: $20

Performances: 8pm 25/26 Feb

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