February 18, 2024


Another mix of poetry, politics and dance from Akeim Toussaint Buck, this time collaborating with an animator and using material from multiple refugee stories. The source of the stories is a research project out of the University of Manchester entitled Reckoning with Refugeedom.

It is somehow both on a larger and smaller scale than Displaced, which you could class as a sibling piece. The narrative still sounds personal but is drawn from many people's experiences. The landscape is smaller, the animation drilling down to mere movement in space. As a shorter piece it is more digestible than its sibling, though I think the other is more visually appealing. Both explore the experience of "othering" or being "othered" and how labels can cause people to lose track of individuals inherent humanity. The systems come under fire again too; surely everyone can't shrug and say "that's not my job." This feels more like a call to action.

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Performances: online, anytime

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