February 10, 2024

No Hetero / Exes and Nos

Two queer Canadian shows one after another at Circus Bar sounds like a great night. Yes, but also No. Unfortunately it means you inevitably compare the shows to each other and they have very different vibes. Don't get me wrong, both (as billed) are queer and Canadian and autobiographical - interestingly about coming out later in life - and also a little chaotic as all good dress rehearsals should be.

No Hetero very definitely has nothing to do with Taylor Swift; the friendship bracelets (bring cash to buy!) and show being split into eras are purely coincidence. Hadley hosting a show called the Taylor Swift Book Club also coincidental. She even emphatically promises to not mention Taylor Swift. Canadians are more like Americans that expected (sorry); they too go to summer camp and have very religious families. Hadley pokes fun at herself for the cringe worthy trends she followed and the obvious signs of her sexuality that were hidden under compulsory heterosexuality. Taking the audience on a joyful flashback through her life concluding with how she ended up here.

Exes and Nos is a musical journey through the dating life of Rachel Mercer through "cute angry songs". Initially, it seemed that the audience was flagging due to tiredness but they never really picked up. There are a couple of surprising twists to the show but they don't save it from being a bit of a downer after the energy of the first half of the night. The songs are cute but not quite punchy or polished enough and are lacking in presentation. The last song, with the most personality, is the best.

If you're queer, neurodivergent or just like a laugh, either show is good. If you're lacking in time or patience, see No Hetero.

Performances: 16/17 Feb from 7pm at Circus Bar

Tickets: $20 each (or $30 for both)

No HeteroExes and Nos

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