February 15, 2024


You've heard of Odysseus, that questionable Greek hero, now meet Odyssea. She's the feminist counterpart to the myth. Instead of stealing, she barters and helps those she meets on her journey, who in turn help her.

It's a dance film with a twist, only one woman dances and we only ever see her highly painted hands. This seems impossible with the choreography spanning the screen and multiple hands appearing. The background music is always familiar but not quite the piece you think it is, making you question everything.

Fabric makes a landscape, a seascape, to host boats made from drift wood and other coastal pieces. It all appears so simple but it's obvious deep thought has gone into every choice. Odyssea is charming and somehow innocent - how is this possible? The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Part of Fringe's online offerings this film started as a pandemic project.

Tickets: $8

Performances: view online, anytime

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