February 17, 2024


 Displaced is a deceptively simple piece, mixing the personal with the public to tell a universal story through dance, poetry and film. Akeim takes us through his journey from Jamaica to the UK, from outcast to citizen - but perhaps never really truly dropping the outcast label. 

We have forgotten how to be human. We have forgotten our roots or they've been torn from us. Identity is more than skin deep. We walk with our ancestors in this modern world, the generational trauma heavy on our back.

Visually beautiful the landscape moves from beach to forest to urban parks, streets and interiors; Akeim dancing or interacting with others, sometimes it's like he belongs but sometimes he stands out. I imagine this is the point, that this is how his life feels. How life feels for many, even if they were "born here." 

You can watch this on the surface to enjoy the movement, music and poetry (couldn't find a word starting with M), or you can go deeper to really hear the message about decolonisation, about our humanity.

Tickets: pay what you can

Performances: online, 16 February-26 March 2024

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