August 11, 2011

Burlesque class - week two

I crept into my second class, more nervous than the previous week, feeling like a spy. Thankfully my review was not mentioned (at least within my hearing).
The class is women only, all appear to be in there 20's and 30's. There was at least one perfect specimen of womenhood amongst the varied shapes and sizes (all beautiful in their own way). The assistant teacher Crystal managed to appeared half dressed though all that was missing from last week were her shoes and fascinator, how strange that I now consider full underwear (including corset) to be dressed! I spent the class wishing I had Miss la Belle's looks (her talent and wardrobe wouldn't bother me either) unable to agree with comments that she looks like an average woman.
This week we reviewed everything from the last class and improved on it by adding facial expressions. I don’t remember when I last felt that ridiculous or embarrassed. New moves for this week were hip movements including the bump and grind, front bumps and the washing machine - all designed to draw attention to your hips and buttocks. Posing was great fun, learning to stand like Marilyn or in the bombshell pose (the secret is if it is uncomfortable then you are doing it right).
Our homework for the week was to gasp (which lifts the breasts) and watch peoples reactions. Now I just need to find someone to flirt with...
Next post I will discuss the venue. If you have any questions please comment or email me
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