August 31, 2011

Results Room

As the name suggests the crew at Results Room focus on results. The trainer specialist gym opened this year and although they have a limited number of clients they are fast headed toward full capacity.

The trainers are young and rather attractive which is at least partly to be expected from a personal trainer. Don’t let their looks fool you, they are also very good at what they do. They use functional training with varying activities to train and test. Every six weeks they will reassess your fitness compared to your goals, if you are trying to lose weight they will weigh you fortnightly. Oh and the best bit, you don't have to join and they'll make you a programme for your gym.

Results Room is conveniently located in Featherston Street, the building isn’t terribly nice but the gym is. The equipment is surprisingly minimal, for the small space you would expect it to be packed in, it is all top of the line and functional – nothing without purpose. The toilets (at least the womens) are separate from the changing rooms which is a bit odd but probably due to space constraints. The changing rooms themselves are small but like the rest of the gym pleasant and practical.

The price is a bit prohibitive (the cheapest around $70) and there is unfortunately no option to see a trainer less than once a week. The price is made up of your membership fee (should you choose to join) and your trainer fee (discounted if you are a member). The shortest period you can attend is for six months (even if you aren’t a member).

We think it’s a great concept especially if you can afford it. We recommend it for anyone who has a specific goal in mind; these guys will get you there.

See them on facebook or the web.

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