August 7, 2011

Miss la Belle's House of Burlesque -Teaser Class

The two things in vogue amongst my group of friends are burlesque and roller derby (though enthusiasm for the latter seems to be slipping). As I am a bit on the heavy and unfit side of things both seem quite daunting but at least with burlesque I'm less likely to break any bones so I decided to give it a try.

Having seen Miss la Belle on her website, Facebook, performing at Carousel and her own students graduation I was (I thought) prepared to be taught by her. In person she is just as charming as on stage, with encouragement and a laugh for each student. Miss La Belle and her feisty assistant led the class through the basic movements of burlesque: shimmies, walks, struts, hip movements, beautiful arms, posture and eye contact ("Am I looking? Yes I am."). The most challenging part was walking in heels for an hour - the one required item of costume though I covet the outfits of our teachers (heels, fishnets, suspenders, corsets and bejeweled bras).

Having tried several styles of dancing (Latin, Ballroom, Rock n Roll, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Belly Dancing) this is definitely my favourite; it is fun and I feel beautiful. I think by the end of the six weeks it will have done wonders for my self confidence...perhaps not so much that I'd be willing to do it in front of anyone though.

If you are interested in classes the next round starts in October and costs $100.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions - if there is interest I am happy to review each of the six classes.

Check out reviews for week two,  weeks three-five and six.

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