September 8, 2011

Rosemary Killip - Passion for Life

Recently this reviewer attended a free seminar run by Rosemary Killip the topic (as the title indicates) was Passion for Life. As it turns out the title is not just the title of the seminar but also of Rosemary's philosophy and new found business.

Held at the Bolton hotel the food was excellent (including shots of fruit juice) as was the rest of the venue. The only downside was the lack of advertising around the hotel which meant there were no directions for attendees to follow.

The seminar covered some of Rosemary's story, how she got what she wanted out of life and come to be living her passion. One member of the audience maintained her scepticism and Rosemary handled those comments well. As far as I could tell it was a meeting to promote her business; she provides individual coaching and has several workshops coming up.

Rosemary spoke with passion and certainly inspired me to live a better life but as much as I would love to attend one of her workshops in this economy can I really afford it?

You can find her on Facebook and the web

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