September 10, 2011

Monster Burlesque

I am still reeling from the strange fabulousness of Monster Burlesque. Want to see zombies dancing to Missy Elliot? Want to see roosters dance a paso doble then literally cock fight with their giant cocks? Want to see blood wresting? Want to see aerial hoop and fabric dancing? You'll see it all and more at Monster Burlesque.

At times the show was arty to the point of confusion but this disappeared as each act progressed. The costumes were interesting mixtures of fur, feathers and standard burlesque fare (corsets, stockings, pasties). It was sometimes difficult to tell the males from the females, especially as some males were dressed in traditionally female clothing, the females were often so thin as to be androgynous and the faces were often indiscernible through thick makeup and masks.

This experience is not likely to be equaled and should not be missed.

This is a late show so make sure you organise transport home before the show eg. taxi, midnight bus, train (1pm are the last ones!)

On tonight and Thursday - Saturday next week!
Time: 10.30pm -12am
Price: $46
Venue: Paramount Theatre, Courtenay Place
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  1. I attended this show, and though aspects were great, such as the costumes, lighting, and some of the acts, I left feeling dissatisfied, as did my companion. I think it was slightly undercooked. I think Magenta Diamond was under-utilised, because when you've seen what she's capable of - biting into a rubber chicken and spraying blood down the front of her dress just doesn't cut it.

    Thrill us, chill us - amaze us! and I've seen this chick do it time and again in her other shows - use her skills more, show us what she's truly capable of!

    The narrator's voice was muffled, and hard to understand in places.

    I loved the fact there were guys doing burlesque: let's see more of that in burlesque shows, please! - but the guy singing - sorry, he was a better dancer than a singer, though he looked amazing in his outfit! I liked the ambiguity of his look just before he stripped off his corset.

    The group choreography was interesting; enjoyed that part, however, the end scene looked like a confusing free-for-all mess. You know how a show should build up, with both dramatic and comedic content, highs and lows - well for me, and a few others, there were no highs - and shouldn't a burlesque show deliver this?

    Tickets were sold at a slightly higher price than the usual Burlesque revues around town, which means I have slightly higher expectations - or maybe I'm just a jaded old burlesque Queen?

    Making people wait in the foyer to the theatre before the show started when it's so packed is not good form. It was uncomfortable with all the jostling. I'm not sure why there is this trend among clubs and venues to keep the guests waiting then letting them scramble in just before the show starts? I saw a few older people waiting patiently - at least get them seated first, please.

    Amazing venue! You picked a winner in the venue.

    Enjoyed Venus's act very much, though the drunken slattern routine is a little overdone in burlesque. I think she could've been utlised more, too.

    The Avian costumes were fantastic! I don't know if the people standing motionless against the walls just before the second act were meant to - but I liked that touch, it was eerie and unsettling, and completely in theme.

    Intermission came far too early. We were just settling in, and getting into the rhythm of the show, when it stopped and there was a break.

    Overall, I could see the performers worked hard on this. As I said, the costumes were completely amazing, and you could see a lot of work had gone into it, but when you think of the plethora of talent in the NZ Burlesque scene now - I just feel some of the performers were under-utilised.

    Kudos to everyone for developing such an ambitious show. I'm sure the next one will be even better!

  2. Thanks for your comment (I would have expected more for the number of views that we've had).
    You state your points well. You highlight that we lack the level of exposure to the burlesque scene that you do. Would you like to review for us? Please email us at