September 14, 2011

Final Burlesque Class

Last night was the final in the six week Teaser course of burlesque classes taught by Miss Busty la Belle (and Crystal Mischief). If you are planning on missing any classes don't let it be this one - hell just turn up for this one!

After a brief warm up the rest of the class focused on a routine danced to Istanbul (not Constantinople), which is the routine Busty demonstrated to the class on our very first week. It was a great way to end the class, bringing it full circle and including everything we had learnt.

The class dressed up for the occasion; all that was called for was a button top and skirt with rear zip, although some members chose to wear clothing beneath these items there were some who only had undewear, stockings and corsets. (Is it weird that Crystal Mischief looks more normal to me out of her clothes than in them?) Obviously some of us had been shopping!

There were a couple of downsides:
- nerves at taking clothes off (even though we are all girls)
- the night was freezing
- students weren't familiar with some of the moves
- the music and moves were a little out of synch (this could be because we were slow as we were learning)
- it was the last class!

All in all I would reccomend this class to any woman of any age as it is great fun and helps build self confidence, you never know you might suprise yourself.

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