March 19, 2012

The Beauty Room

The Beauty Room is tucked away in Doreen Doolan mall next to the Petone Public Library. Like most of Petone it suffers from limited parking. The interior; not too girly, not too clinical; smells pleasantly of artificial strawberry. A strange glass box for manicures takes up most of the waiting area. The bathrooms are shared, inconveniently outside and up a set of stairs, but clean. The website is cluttered and does not include the ability to easily book online.

I had to try The Beauty Room for the great wax combination half leg/underams/bikini for under $60! The waxing itself was what you would expect; roller wax for legs, hot wax for bikini and underarms. Being used to having Brazilians I was impressed at how thorough and painless a bikini wax was...I think I've been convinced to change my waxing routine. The treatment  including tweazing and advice about ingrown hairs. The therapist recommended a product for exfoliation but didn't push the sale. I was impressed by this as I know beauty therapists are paid partly by commission.

The service was friendly and the price was right, I would use them again.

You can find the Beauty Room on the web and on Facebook

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  1. Thank you for your positive comments on our service, we would like the opportunity to respond to a few comments which we believe could be misleading.
    In regards to the limited parking, our clients compliment us on the fact that there are over 70 free carparks within 30 seconds walk of the salon at the Peel Carpark which is located at the back of the library. We assume that you only saw the 6 carparks directly outside the front door, so we would appreciate it if this comment on your review could be changed please.
    The manicure and pedicure room is a glassed area to fully take advantage of natural light, our clients love to sit there and see what is going on, but enjoy the subtle privacy that the room provides.
    The reception area has 4 seats for clients comfortably spaced, and as we pride ourselves on not keeping our clients waiting long, we find this waiting area adequate.
    The website has a facility on every page to email the salon for appointments, and we do have a full-time receptionist who responds to these emails promptly, we do not think it is a good idea for clients to book their own appointments, as from our experience and other salons feedback, it is very easy for a client to inadvertently book the wrong treatment, or allow the wrong amount of time. Direct contact with our receptionist ensures our clients bookings are made correctly.