March 1, 2012

Flights of Fancy - The Hummingbirds

Following in the footsteps of Monster Burlesque, this show by trio The Hummingbirds makes its home at Paramount Cinemas in the smaller theatre and is one for the night owls starting at 10:30pm.

As you enter the theatre you are greeted by flights attendants and directed personally to a seat, a nice personal touch and a chance to meet our hostesses. The show is set as in flight entertainment on a return trip to Auckland, complete with voice over from the pilot, Stu Pendous. The atmosphere is really well set up, there were even ‘emergency lights’running along the ‘runway’and the ladies look very stewardess-esque with their little blue hats.

Along the way we get up close and personal with our three hostesses and their various relationship woes. Each emotional crisis has a song to accompany it and the ladies have a great harmony which really shines in the rag time songs, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen. The music is a great mix of classic and recent hits and even features some acapella numbers and a medley. There was a fun little moment where “you pay Fringe prices, you get Fringe special effects” and the audience enjoyed being part of the show for a moment.

The lighting and sound are well adjusted for such a small space, including a clever little thunder and lightning flash. Each song has its own lighting setting which sets it apart from the narrative well.

This is a short show, it ran just under an hour, and I found I was disappointed when it came time to ‘land’ wishing the show weren’t over. The ladies, having settled their boy problems, sing their way out of the theatre (sorry, should that be plane?) and wait for us to ‘disembark’ complete with boiled sweets, just like a real airline.

I highly recommend this fun show, and that you stick around for a drink to meet the cabin crew as their post-show selves.

1-3 March 10:30pm
Paramount Cinemas
Adult: $16.00
Concession: $13.00
Fringe artist card: $10.00
You can find out more about the show here and about The Hummingbirds here

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