March 3, 2012

Chairman of the Beard (Adam Page)

As far as one man shows go, this one was pretty bloody good.

Adam Page, of Adelaide, is a one man band who uses loop pedals to make entire songs with layers
of instruments live on stage. He uses a wide mix of instruments as well as his voice to create all sorts
of tracks from weird and kooky just-for-the-hell-of-it to improv medleys of opera and reggae, even a
tip of the hat to dub step. He picks out an unsuspecting audience member and makes a song out of
nothing but the man’s name, truly a skill worth having.

As you may guess by the title, this show is dedicated to Adam’s beard. He certainly has quite the
chin warmer going. He even makes a song using his beard; this is something you really have to see
to appreciate. Adam comes across really down to earth and interacts well with the audience making
jokes at our and his own expense; it brings a really nice personal feel to the show so everyone is free
to enjoy themselves more. He also invites the audience to come have a drink with him after the
show and have a chat to him.

The lighting changes worked well to reflect the tone and mood of each song which is quite a feat
considering they were mostly spur of the moment. I wish I could have gotten a copy of the last song
because it was really quite lovely. Adam did have CDs on sale (a bargain at only $10) which one
audience member was smart enough to snap up right then and there as there was a stack sitting on
the keyboard.

This is a hilarious show which you will kick yourself for missing.

BATS Theatre 3rd-10th March (no show Sun/Mon)

Full: $18

Concession: $14

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