June 12, 2012

2012 Wellington Home Exhibition (Homeex)

We are in the midst of renovating our bathroom but really we only went to this show because we got free tickets. Unless you are wanting to do something major, spend big money, there isn't any point in attending.

The TSB arena is a good venue; well heated in comparison to the outside. The set out was easy to follow and they have good toilets too (a necessary evil when you have kids). The stallholders overall were firendly but not pushy about buying. There were quite a few competitions but again, no one was pushing you to enter them. Because of this there was a lovely atmosphere. There was good variety of stalls and it was great that they had little seminars at different times during the day. Experts were available which you could book a time to speak with which I think is an excellent idea. It is unfortunate that we are too far into the process to be able to take advantage of this.

One of the best things was that the third stall from the entrance served coffee. The vibration training staff were helpful and knowledgeable; putting people on free demonstrations and talking them through, answering all the questions patiently. I was grateful that the two photography places catered to children because you have to take your kids to these things, it's hard to get a babysitter for the day. Photographing families is also their market. One photo place was giving free fridge magnets (created from photos of the kids). They say there is no such thing as a free lunch but actually there was a free fridge magnet. Several of the other places had lollies for the kids, having these diversions becomes important when you want to have detailed conversations without kids pulling on you and breaking your concentration.

I didn't see a lot of advertising beforehand; it was only because we were given free tickets that we knew this was on. It would have been helpful if more stalls had business cards with the website listed. It is impossible to take everything in, I would want to go home and research. Big pamphlets can be bulky, wasteful and expensive for the business to print. Having a a laptop with their website up would have been useful too, they can point out where to look when you go home.

When: 8-10 June
Where: TSB Arena
Price: $8
You can find out more on the exhibition webpage

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