June 20, 2012

Weight loss: Before photo with Ian Tilley Photography

I’m thrilled to tell you (a little belatedly) that we have secured a photographer for the weight loss project.

Ian Tilley is based in Upper Hutt but happy to travel around Wellington for his work. Photography is his passion, not his full time job. About 10 years ago Ian documented his own weight loss which is why he is so excited to be part of mine.

He had the great idea of photographing me in silhouette. This way you can get an idea of my body shape and eventual weight loss but I can maintain my privacy. Well, let’s be honest, it’s not privacy I’m worried about, I’m just shy.

I am really happy to be working with Ian. He understands where I am coming from because he has been here. I felt comfortable throughout the process despite the fact that I was letting it all hang out.

So, this is my before photo. We have planned to take a photo each month to track my progress. Then you’ll know that I’m doing this and not just writing about it.

When I look at this photo the word that comes to mind is grotesque. This is not how I look in my head, or even in the mirror. I don’t think that I could leave the house everyday if this was what I looked like in my head.

I had hoped by this point to have started my weight loss. But, we are still talking with weight loss companies so haven’t come to an official decision. Unofficially I know who I want to go with; they have good structure which I need. At the end of this week I should know and then be able to tell you all. There are whispers that other reviewers also want to do this.

I’m looking forward to starting. I have been noticing the problems that my weight causes; I feel unattractive, I get breathless easily and my stomach gets in my way. My stomach is larger than a friend's who is six months pregnant and I weigh more than a full term pregnant woman. How much do I actually weigh? You'll have to wait to find out when I do my official first weigh in.

Come back next week to find out which weight loss program I will be following.

Special thanks to: Ian Tilley Photography and Jenny Craig

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  1. Good luck ;) and very brave of you to do the photos. Though I imagine it'll be very satisfying to really see the weight loss.