June 24, 2012

Dick Smith Electronics - Featherston Street

I went into Dick Smiths looking for a specific cord to match an item that had lost the cord for. I wandered around looking lost but was not approached by any staff members. I had to walk directly up to one sales assistant and catch their eye. I commented on my wait and was told there weren't many staff on the floor - even though I had walked past three idle people at the counter. The layout of the shop may be partly to blame as the checkout in the middle obscures staff views of customers, including the view of the entrance.

The staff member found me exactly what I wanted. I wouldn't have been able to find it for myself as it was tucked away in a back corner. I did however point out a cheaper product which tuned out to also be more appropriate as I didn't need to alter the voltage manually.

I smiled sunnily at the staff member who severed me at the counter (who had been there when I walked past earlier) but only got a tight smile in reply.

I wasn't impressed with the service overall but I did end up with a product that performed the function I required.

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  1. Paraparaumu store are most unhelpful I would even say dishonest in their dealings. Worst shopping experience we have had since arriving in nz