July 7, 2012

An Ideal Husband

An Ideal Husband tells the story about discovering the husband you thought was ideal may not be and that everyones idea of ideal is different. Although Oscar Wilde's story was written over 100 years ago it still rings true as relationships between husbands and wives are the same throughout time. What could be a simple comedy about love has many dimensions involving scheming, scandal, government secrets and the importance of wealth.

The crowd scenes were very well done. Actors in the background were talking, not so much that you could hear what they were saying but enough to make noise and make it feel like a genuine crowd. The dialogue in general was handled well, actors spoke over each other during heated arguments and stumbled lines were covered well adding to the authenticity.

The female actors, in particular Miss Chiltern and Mrs Cheveley, carried the play. Lady Markby had a voice like a very grand lady. There was good chemistry between Miss Chiltern and Lord Goring (the character I think Oscar Wilde wrote for himself).

The costuming left me considering how I could work some of the same style into my wardrobe. The only thing that let it down was a strange rainbow dress worn by Miss Chiltern in one scene. 

This the first production I have attended at Theatre 108 which had curtains. They were used throughout the evening to change scenery which was distracting as it occurred more than just at the interval. The set itself was versatile, allowing for several different rooms including options for four different entrances.

The theatre was shamefully half empty the night I attended, such an excellent production deserves a better attendance but by the looks of things tickets for other performances are selling fast!

Showing: 4-14 July 8pm, 7-8 July 3pm (no performance 9 July)
Price: $20 / $18
Bookings: 939 7529 or www.huttrep.co.nz/bookings

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