July 6, 2012

Weight loss: decisions, decisions

I had expected to make more progress by this point than I have. I could tell you that I've been doing nothing, which is true. But, I have decided which weight loss program I am going to do so that's something.

I wanted to try a local program if I could so I met with Healthy Inspirations. The program was created by an Australian and is run in both countries. It includes exercise, on their special equipment, alongside a dietary plan. I thought this was good but the people I saw there didn't seem to be working hard, it almost seemed like cheating to me. I was unable to get a clear understanding of the dietary plan, there are "several" but they were not elaborated on. The sophisticated sales patter of the person I spoke with make me feel uncomfortably like I was buying a used car.

I met with two personal training gyms; Studio 41 and the Results Room. They both recommend exercise and a dietary plan. I will write a full review of Studio 41 at some other time but briefly I can tell you that, although the gym is nice and  the staff appear well trained, I did not have a good experience. The trainer I spoke to about losing weight wanted me to go on a diet with no carbohydrates (including simple carbs like the ones in fruit) for at least two weeks, after which we would assess the plan going forward. I tried for a day. I was grumpy and starving. The Results Room had a more sensible approach; you note everything that you eat and try to eat whole foods. I don't have much of an excuse for not going with the Results Room, except that it seemed like hard work and we have reviewed them before.

In the end it came down to the two big weight loss providers worldwide; Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. Weight Watchers has been reviewed here before so I wanted to try something different.

I want to say thank you to the people I spoke with at Weight Watchers and Results Room; you were very helpful and supportive, you made it hard not to chose you.

In my next post I will tell you about the Jenny Craig program, why I chose to go with them and update you on my first week or so on the program.

Keep reading and you'll be seeing less of me next time!

Special thanks to: Ian Tilley Photography and Jenny Craig

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  1. Wow! Good on you. I am looking forward to hearing how you get on.
    I've always wondered how good J Craig is.