July 25, 2012

Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family is a one act, one woman play exploring not just immigrants to New Zealand; their dreams, illusions, and failures but also human nature and how the characters use their own skills and nous to survive in a new world away from family and other social support.

The New Zealand dream of green hills, space and sheep is fulfilled when they arrive but they must also face obstacles. Each finds fault in some way with their life in paradise but that is overshadowed by the news of the Chernobyl disaster.

The various characters, Russian, Venezualan, and New Zealand are very ably portrayed by Yael Gezentsvey. She quickly changed from the grandmother, Babushka, to the younger members, switching from one accent to another and from female character to male character. Changes in lighting enhanced the character switching and was well executed.

This story is told with humour and sensitivity. It is a serious story of how people live, their needs and expectations whether real or imagined. It was played with energy and creativity by a talented young actress.

Written by: Desiree Gezentsvey
Directed by: James Hadley
Venue: Circa Two
Dates: 24 July − 4 August, 7.30pm Tuesday to Saturday, 4.30pm Sunday
Price: $35 / $30

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