August 2, 2012

Weight loss: I watch too much TV

I am a day late posting this because.... I didn't want to post. I had thought this whole thing would be easy, that I would merrily go along losing weight each week. But it hasn't been like that. As you know my first week did not go as planned, my second was worse. In addition to only losing 200gms, my condition (the one for which I take medication) got worse. The only thing that had changed was starting Jenny Craig. My doctor suggested that I go off Jenny Craig until I stabilise. Already being behind where I had planned to be I was disappointed. But, as we all know, life does not always go as planned. I took my doctors advice. I am off the programme for the moment but I hope to be back on it next week.

One reader asked about the qualifications of the Jenny Craig consultants. The consultants at the office I attend have been there 5 years (with the exception of one who has been there 3) so they are very experienced. They have full knowledge of the programme from being on it themselves and they have continuing training throughout the year.

You may wonder what I have been doing. Um, not what I should have been. I have been enjoying the freedom to eat what I like and watching a lot of TV. There are some great shows about being overweight, although what I think is great is probably different from what other people think.

On Saturday afternoons there's a new show called More to Love which is pretty much a plus-sized (how I hate that term) The Bachelor. I'm not sure why they needed to have a new series. Why could they not have a larger than life Bachelor? I think every female contestant cried at some point during the first show, because it's so hard being fat. After five minutes of them being on screen you forget that they are "fat" because they all look perfectly normal; like someone you would see in the street rather than the stick figures that usually feature on TV. The show has more diversity than you expect from these sort of shows; in addition to the weight thing not everyone appears to be white (though there are no obviously Asian or Black participants) and one girl is a little bit goth (punk? I’m sure someone will set me straight).

Another show also on Saturday afternoons but shortly coming to an end is Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back a reality show (do you notice theme here?) about teens at a fat camp in America. I will miss this when it has gone; I feel attached to the teens the show follows.

Did you happen to watch Golden while it was on? I saw the previews for the show at the time I was thinking of losing weight. I had hoped it might follow Shelly’s weight loss but instead it joked about her size and the size of her trainer (and ex-boyfriends) appendage. I did watch the whole series but overall I was disappointed.

I haven’t only watched TV. In the last week I have organised with two of my friends to walk with them (separately) once a week. And coming up next week I have the Butterfly Creek Nightime Madness. There is still time to register if you want to participate.

What sort of weight loss TV do you like? Will I see you at Butterfly Creek?

Keep reading and next time you’ll be seeing less of me.

Special thanks to: Ian Tilley Photography, Jenny Craig

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