August 16, 2012

Weight loss: back on track

When I was in high school I got sent to the principals office for passing notes in an exam. In my defense it was a practice exam and I had finished. I did not cheat. At the end of the year I discovered that I missed out on an award because of this. It wasn't worth it.

This week I ate off programme. It wasn't worth it.

It is awful that of all the things that have happened this is the one I focus on. So, let me start again.

I am back on Jenny Craig after two weeks off. I have new consultant (not that there was anything wrong with my last consultant) who I feel more comfortable with. I think we are more similar to each other. The biggest news I suppose is that I actually lost some weight. I didn't gain anything during my hiatus and my first week back, despite my hiccup, I lost 800 grams - that's close to a kg! I am really excited about it but it doesn't seem that important. Isn't that funny?

One thing my consultant has been drumming into me is that it's not just about the weight loss its about adjusting my body to the program and being in better health. I do feel better. I am eating, as I said previously, so much more than I used to. I don't get hungry the same. I do still want to eat junk food but it's less craving and more habit. This is something I will have to work on.

What bothered me the most about eating off program was that I was meant to be exercising. Saturday was the Nighttime Madness evening walk to Butterfly Creek. I had been looking forward to this for quite some but an old injury started playing up and I only got to the start of the course. Instead of going home my walking partner and I went to get coffee which became dessert. Sadly, it wasn't even good dessert. Having read this article I have a better understanding of my mindset at the time. In future I know to chose something healthier or to share, either way it is less damage to my goals.

In other news I've found a new site to encourage me to write my posts. It shows you a picture of a kitten every 100 words. How cute is that? Maybe next time I won't be day late (which has been becoming a nasty habit).

How do you get yourself back on track when you make a mistake? I'd love to hear from people who actually completed the walk/run on Saturday too. What was it like?

Keep reading and you'll be seeing less of me next time.

Special thanks to: Ian Tilley Photography and Jenny Craig

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