August 28, 2012

Pole Class - a second review

PoleClass is tough. But like any great work out, the reward - strength, confidence, flexibility, friends - are well worth it.

I've been attending pole classes at PoleClass since they first opened in Jan (2012). At a burlesque show in late 2011, I saw the two owners handing out fliers - I'd been on the look out to start pole classes again and having tried the other two studios in Wellington that I knew of and not liking them, I was excited for a new place to be opening.

I spoke to the awesome Erin and instantly had a friendly connection there - being able to have a social side with your teachers makes such a difference. I signed up as soon as I could.

The classes are run by both Erin and the lovely Tild who have more than 13 years experience between them. Classes are $150 for 6 weeks and Erin and Tild usually teach a class each week for you so you get the benefit of both teaching styles, which compliment each other and help you in the best ways.

I also highly recommend Conditioning classes as well. These are on a Thursday evening, and the immediate strength you feel by the time its your next class - what you couldn't do last week, you suddenly can do now - just because of one conditioning (strength training, essentially) class. These are $15 each and anyone can attend if you booking.

Of the three pole studios I've been to, I will always recommend PoleClasss. Erin and Tild are so helpful and friendly; you never are made to feel like you're useless for not being able to do something.

Pole is tough, but the empowerment you feel in yourself is amazing.

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  1. I hear Poledance will be one of the new sports at the next Olympics