October 28, 2015

A Beautiful Hesitation / Demented Architecture

The current offerings at City Gallery have evocative titles designed to make you think.

The central piece of Demented Architecture - so central that you could easily miss that there is anything else - is The Cubic Structural Evolution Project. You've probably seem images of it already; a white lego world of beautiful and varied towers which you are invited to add to. Robots, hearts, love, names and towers lacking structural soundness indicate that many have taken up the invitation. It is lovely to see something being created, added to, rather than destroyed.
Demented Architecture closes 8 November

Fiona Pardington's photographic collection A Beautiful Hesitation, the largest exhibition of her work yet, is somewhat fragmented though grouped into similar themes. She doesn't shy away from the darker side; creating still lives with washed up items, taking pictures of extinct birds and human remains. Her images have a beautiful quality which makes them appear as if they were painted.
A Beautiful Hesitation closes 22 November

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