October 1, 2015

Animal Farm

There is always something uncomfortable about watching a human act as an animal. But what Animal Farm reminds us is that we are still animals despite the clothes we wear, the tools we use and the politics we run our lives with or that run our lives. Originally a commentary on communism this new production also raises questions not only about cruelty to animals but cruelty to other humans. It opens with an uncomfortably long monologue and there are strange pieces of narration scattered throughout. Actors tackle more than one animal part each, which can be difficult to follow despite excellent animal antics. I feel the actors have sacrificed their bodies for their art; there will be sore knees and backs amongst them.

Backyard Theatre has produced a multi media performance that doesn't detract from the actors performances.

Performances: 30 September - 10 October, 7:30pm (no show Sunday & Monday)
Tickets: $25
Venue: Gryphon theatre

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