October 31, 2015


You'd be mistaken if you thought that a production company called Sweet Muffin would produce saccharine sweet theatre. Are there children? Yes! Most of the cast are aged 8-12, but that's as sweet as it gets.

Nightmare follows the story of 12 year Jimmy and his baby brother Joel. The boys have been removed from their abusive home to live with their unfamiliar Aunt Dala and the landlady Angie. Jimmy's days are gloomy, but Ole Lukoje, the Sandman, visits him at night and Jimmy can escape into dreams. But when the fantasy starts to seep into reality Ole grows too strong. 

There was so much subtext in this play that it struggled to become text. The first fifteen minutes were confusing and I would have remained lost had I not read about the play (above) beforehand.

The sandman was an excellent theatrical actor, the aunt a subtle, honest portrayal. The younger child/puppet could have benefited from the actor/puppeteer wearing black to indicate they were not a character. I'm not convinced such a large children's chorus was necessary if at all. More indication of isolation may have resulted from the young lead being the only child on stage.

What is attempted is good. We work through and escape our issues in our sleep but that can be a dangerous preoccupation. I should note I had nightmares after seeing this production.

Tickets: $15
Performances: October 29 & November 5, 6.30pm; October 30-31 & November 6-7, 8pm
Venue: Newtown Community & Cultural Centre

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