May 18, 2017

Daughters of Heaven

The Parker-Hulme murder is something every New Zealander is familiar with. My mother remembers when it happened and those that weren't born then learnt from Heavenly Creatures. The horror, the fascination comes from it being achingly familiar. The intense friendships of adolescence we all had, though I imagine most didn't include sex, plots of murder or a new religion.

I read Daughters of Heaven many years ago and, although the subject matter struck me, the play itself didn't. But then plays are meant to be performed. A good performance can elevate a bad script or vice versa.

As always Stagecraft does not disappoint. They subtly played up the humour in the script so the audience laughed even in the midst of such a serious play. I know I wasn't the only one that cried, which I did, more than once. The accents were on point, the costumes effective, and the acting excellent. This could have been disturbing but it was made enjoyable, a great experience.

Performances: 17-27 May (days and times vary)
Tickets: $15-25

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